Tax Preparation

We prepare income tax returns for individuals, corporations, partnerships (including LLC’s) estates, trusts, and non-profit organizations. We add six people to our staff during tax season and all work is reviewed by a CPA. Through a subsidiary, Grein & Potter, CPA’s, we prepare 900 individual tax returns in our office in Reading, Ohio. Our office in Fairfield, Ohio prepares 800 individual income tax returns as well as 150 corporation and partnership returns.

We can advise you about the tax implications of various personal and business decisions, such as the distribution or rollover of 401(k)’s and IRA’s, the purchase of equipment for your business or the sale of a rental property. We can represent you in an IRS audit and can respond to IRS notices. The majority of IRS notices are wrong, so before you panic, please let us look at them and advise you as to the validity of the proposed assessment and the appropriate response. We can also set up a payment plans with the IRS or prepare an Offer In Compromise for past due tax liabilities.

Small Business Accounting

We compile monthly financial statements for small businesses. We complete them in a timely manner so that business owners can use accurate and relevant financial information to analyze and manage their business.  For the business that is not large enough to employ a full time accountant, we can provide other internal accounting assistance at reasonable rates. We can prepare sales tax and payroll tax returns. We can send an accountant to your office to do accounting data entry, prepare journal entries and month-end closings.